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Feedback, a recent Yelp review

A nice Yelp review I got recently. Thanks Aldora!

"I just got my first tattoo done here after somebody walked into my restaurant and I liked his artwork. This was my first tattoo and I take it very seriously. I wanted something unique, delicate and feminine. But I wasn't sure how to get what I was envisioning in my head. But somehow Ben Licata drew exactly what I wanted. After looking him up it seems he focuses on skulls, and I think what I wanted (three birds lol) was the opposite of that and he did a PERFECT job. This guy is talented and knows what he is doing. He was extremely nice, everything is really clean and he made me feel extremely comfortable. My first tattoo experience was perfect, I did my research, knew what I wanted and spent three years thinking about it lol. If I get another tattoo, it would be at this place."

Aldora L. Amherst, MA


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