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Challenges and Progress


ram skull coverup tattoo progress shot

Here's a collection of progress photos of a cover up tattoo I've been poking away at. Eric came to me during the very early days of my apprenticeship and asked me if I would be willing to take on a cover up. I've always been someone who jumps in over my head then figures out how to swim, so , I said yes. Also, seeing the original tattoo, I figured I couldn't make it look worse.  This is only my 4th or 5th tattoo I've ever attempted.

During the first session I started to lose my stencil and began to sweat a bit. The linework mixed with old tattoo also had me wondering what the hell I had got myself into. I soldiered on adding heavier linework and solid blacks, followed by some greywash shading. My mentor Joe King suggested using some opaque greys at this point and that really helped disguise the old tattoo. The most recent session was just straight black and some limited white to push the contrast a bit. The next session will be to add some smoke elements to the background to camouflage the remaining lines of the old tattoo. This had been a challenging journey but I've learned a ton along the way. Thanks Eric.