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Inspiration and taking time to let your mind breathe

I took a trip yesterday to New York City with Off the Map guest artist Joe Phillips, Resident artist Oleg Turyanskiy and his wife Fiola. Joe joined us fom his shop Vere Street Tattoos in Barry, South Wales. Oleg and Fiola have just moved to our Northeast location from Moscow, Russia.

We took a day and drove down to the city to visit the American Museum of Natural History for some inspiration. We spent hours at the museum and then roamed freely around the city taking the sites. It was a great chance to exercise our bodies and minds as well. I believe trips like this are highly valuable, because it's get you out of your day to day routine and exposes you to new ideas. Inspiration can come from somethingh as small as detailed railing on an old church to an enormous mastodon skeleton. Spending time with other artists outside of the studio gas it's merits as well. It's a chance to find out more about the people you work with everyday and build a stronger relationship built on shared experience. A conversation over a beer in a dive bar about the wonders you saw at a museum are mentally envigorating. I'm back to work feeling tired but with a renewed excitement about art. thanks for reading the ramble, I'm on 3 hours sleep. - Ben